Friday, 15 June 2012

Holiday Spesh: A quick shopping trip and introducing... the piece de resistance!

So this time next week me and the boyfriend Rich will be in sunny Portugal!  Super excited about it, but I've still not got loads of stuff, so today I enlisted my friend Jen from Uni to help and we went shopping in Manchester for stuff.
We went to Tampopo for lunch which is this great little chain that does food from all over East Asia, yum!  They also have this £7.95 starter and main deal on, so I went for the corn fritters for my starter and ramen noodles stir fry for my main, it was gorgeous! 
Anywhoo, back to shopping:  I had quite a big primark haul today, and I've included a bikini I bought a few weeks ago from Topshop. I cannot TELL you how long I looked for the perfect high waisted bikini, and the day that Topshop came out with this little beauty I snapped it up! I think high waisted bikinis are a bit of a marmite subject, but I can't wait to be strutting my stuff in those granny pants haha! Here's some snaps I took of all my holiday gear :)

{Dress £6 Primark}
 {Bikini Top: £4.50 Bikini Bottoms: £3, both New Look}
 {Sunglasses: £2 Sun Hat £5 Sarong £4, all Primark}
{Sunglasses £1, Primark}
 {Shoes £6 Primark}
 {Bikini Set £32 Topshop}

And last but not least, my holiday charm bracelet! This term I made good friends with a girl from Australia called Adrianne, and I got us these bracelets matching as a leaving present.  She's doing a last ditch tour of Europe now before she goes home in a few weeks, and then I'll eagerly be awaiting my aussie inspired packages! I've got her a bit hooked on English goodies so I'll be sending some good old fashioned Dairy Milk her way soon!

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