Thursday, 6 September 2012

Naturally, darling?

What I thought I'd share with you lovely ladies today is I'm having a bit of a hair crisis of late, do you ever feel like you've just gone through EVERY hairstyle and don't know where to go with it anymore? Well, I do.  My solution thus far has been ignoring the situation, and I'm a little bit scared of the hairdressers too, which sort of explains why I've not had a haircut since I started this blog!  I think it would be quite nice to grow it, but I've only ever had really long hair when there was dye (or at least a MASS of highlights!) involved and I was just stressing about roots and how it was in really bad condition.  For a while now I've just been focusing on getting it back to all of my natural colour and getting rid of a hideously short bob I had:
I really like it as well when you see people with thick long red hair, and I think it's a lot easier when you can just tie your hair back in a top knot and not have to put loads of effort into straightening, and lets be honest - I dream of being able to have a fish plait a la Blake Lively, somewhat convinced that it will make me look like Blake Lively.  
Maybe not.
But on the other hand a couple of people have said I looked my best when I had shortish blond hair, and despite the maintenance there is something about being blonde that I love!  ANYWAY I'm biting the bullet and even if it's just for a trim I'm going to the hair dressers, so I thought it would be good to look through my old photos at all the hair styles to try and figure out what I like best.  There was some pretty terrible moves though hair wise, so I thought I'd share it; the good, the bad and the bleached, sort of like the hair timelines in COSMO. Warning: major poser alert! But this is me, 14 through to 21...

God, sorry for the my face overload!
If anyone fancies having a go of their own hair timeline then please leave me a link to your blog, I'd love to check it out! 
Any thoughts on what people think looks best would be great too, as long as it's not the bob! ;)

Until next time :)

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  1. Wow you look so different with dark hair! I think you suit every colour you've had though but generally I think if you like your natural colour it's probably best to stick with that. As you say atleast your hair is in good condition and you don't have to worry about roots.
    I have a fear of short hair after a nightmare bob when I was younger so I'm always growing it! Maybe just go for a little trim to keep it healthy?
    The Life of Emily-Alice