Thursday, 5 July 2012

I'm home folks!

It's been too long!  Thought I'd do a quick catch up of the past couple of weeks:
Firstly, me and Rich had the best time in Portugal (more photos to come!) doing absolutely nothing except reading, eating, sleeping and drinking lots of wine out the carton... nothing beats it!  While we were there we found out our provisional degree results with and....... Rich got his 2:1 and I managed to wangle a first! We were both over the moon (Rich was worried he'd get a 2:2) and celebrated with a full english and a posh meal of the night :)  If you're thinking of going to Portugal and want a place to chill, I really recommend Albufeira in the Algarve, so many little Portuguese restaurants, cobbled streets, a gorgeous beach and the piri-piri chicken is to die for!
We came back in the early hours on the 29th June and spent a couple of days at my dads house.  It was lovely celebrating results in Portugal together but it was nice to get back home to our family to celebrate with them.  We went to the Baby Blue, which is a comedy club on the Albert Dock in Liverpool and I visited my aunties/uncles/cousins where we all played outside in the back garden like big kids haha!

When I got back to my mums house I got a phone call from the care home to start my induction on the 3rd July, so I've been a bit of a busy bee! Work is tiring but good, I've got my first official shift tomorrow 2-8pm in the nursing wing.  I've not been there yet so it should give me the chance to meet some of the others, hopefully I'll be okay there!  Here's a shot of me in my uniform, I've not got a badge yet so I look a bit more like a cleaner than a nurse like I intended!
After work tomorrow I'm going to Liverpool to stay over at my cousin Sarah's, then in the morning we're having a cuz day going to the swimming baths, me and my cousins Sarah, Dom, Jay and Liam which should be fun!  Will update when I'm back,

Muchos love,


  1. I am glad it was a good time! it looks so beautiful! And I hope things slow down for you soon ;D
    have a great rest of your day!

  2. Yeah it was fab, we had such a good time! Hope you have a great day too :) xoxox