Friday, 13 July 2012

Happy Friday!

Tomorrow and Sunday I'll be working so TGIF for all you lovelies, not so much for myself! My nurses' watch came in the post today so I'm gonna feel really swish in the morning haha, and I've finally ordered a memory card reader - atm I'm transferring my memory card to my parents camera, uploading onto their computer, emailing them to my iPad and blogging from here, nightmare!

{Endcliffe Village, my new home next year!}
On a brighter front though I found out today where I'll be staying in September, exciting! For those of you who don't know all my friends are graduating next week, but little old me is going to have to wait til next year as I'm doing a four year undergrad masters :) it'll be strange to go back to Shef without all my mates but I think getting another year to be a student and a fresh start is gonna be fab, I'll be like a fresher again haha! Apart from that today I've had a lovely time relaxing and catching up on a bit of D.H.Lawrence, Lady Chatterley and her lover trump 50 shades any day for me!
Muchos love,

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