Monday, 23 July 2012

Weekend Away and I'm going to Loooonnndddon!

I spent a nice long weekend at my dad's; on the Saturday we went horseriding at Bold Heath Equestrian Centre, then had home made chips with egg and finished off the day trying out their new hot tub with a glass of red, lovely!  On the Sunday we went to the christening of Zack and Eva, then afterwards got very drunk at a local beer garden, what a fab weekend!
{What I wished I had photos like! Photos found at}
{Me and my stepmum Julie}
{Me and Father!}
Today I've had a really lazy day reading and having a little shop with my mum.  I've been looking online as well shopping and I've fell in love with daisy prints.  This is one I've found on eBay, a sold out topshop blouse:

Think I had a bit too much free time...
Now I don't know how long it's gonna be until my next post, because I'm going to London for a week tomorrow! I might be able to fit one in tomorrow or a couple while I'm there, but if not then so long for now amigos!
Muchos love,

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