Monday, 9 July 2012

Getting my positive on!

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Okay, so I read this article in GLAMOUR a few months ago (which is now stuck up on my noticeboard dead centre) and I thought I would share it with you my little bloggerinos!  
For some people, being a really positive person comes naturally, but for me it takes a bit of work and I still have miles to go, so when I saw 'Nice attitude! Can we borrow it?' I thought I'd actually give it a read.  

The trick to having an easy breezy attitude is DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. 
When a train is crowded, just shrug -because trains always get crowded- and laugh off the gross BO. When your boss is hideous, let it slide -because it's not about you and bosses have rants- then get on with your to-do list.  When your TV signal is down, play you and your friends fave DVD over and over until you've memorised the funniest lines.  It's good to care about important things, but don't stress over the daily grumbles of life - it's too short.  Great idea, right? Some people are naturally like this because it's the combo of being really agreeable and stable - it  occurs in about 1/4 people, with about 1/10 of people being really strikingly upbeat. For the rest of us miserable goats we get it a bit harder- the first step is to take responsibility for your attitude, things you've grown up with can be unlearnt and to:-
Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude
When you wake up, think of three reasons why you're happy or lucky today: if you and the people you love are fit and healthy, there's a new boy on the scene, or you've finally saved up the money to buy THOSE Kurt Geiger heels!
Be Open to New Possibilities
Try a new craft class, take up going to the gym with your friend this time round or even walking a different way to work - escape your routine and feel inspired!
Don't be too Critical
Next time you meet someone new (which you're bound to after trying all those new possibilities!) or are asked your opinion, say something positive first and it'll really lighten your attitude up. 
Be Resiliant in the Face of Adversity
Hope for the best, but accept that you may not always get it.  Learn from it and MOVE ON.
Be Kind to Yourself!
Celebrate your success in the same way you would a friend's. If you don't acknowledge and motivate yourself, who will?!
Positive thinking isn't as simple as glossing over negatives though.  People with a healthy attitude think and talk in a powerful, constructive and solution-orientated way.  They look for the plusses and counter the drawbacks with reminders of their resilience, like this
"It's not about me, I won't take it personally..."
"I've made a mistake, but I can learn from it and improve..."
"It's a challenge, but I'll cope..."
To spot a positive person:
If you look closely you'll see they...
Take a real interest in you and what you have to say.
Are truly happy for your achievements.
Have genuine body language - warm hugs, real smiles and inquisitive eyes.
Make you feel at ease because they're not unconsciously giving off anxiety or envy.

This is what I've been trying to work myself towards since I read that article, and I really think I've been a lot happier for it.  I'm trying not to be so cynical and not voice so much negative stuff and I think I'm more enjoyable to be around, well hopefully anyway!  I hope this helps some of you guys like it helped me, and I thought if I put it on here it'll be a reminder for me to keep going.  I thought I'd tie in this entry with a little update too:
I worked my first night shift last night at the Nursing Home, 8pm-8am and woah, it's not for the faint hearted!  In the spirit of my recent bout of positivity though, I think being there is really teaching me to become a lot more patient and have a lot more of a understanding about what it's like to be an old person.  Instead of just feeling sorry for them I actually feel like I'm helping to make their days a bit better by giving them some company and someone to laugh with, which is a great feeling. 

Things I'm happy for today:
I have a wonderful family that I adore and actually get to see now that I'm back home!  
Yesterday I went to visit my stepbrother Tom and his girlfriend Siobhan with her two daughters, and on Saturday me and the cousins had a fab time at the baths :) 
Uni Results
Absolutely ecstatic that I managed to get a first and I worked it out and next year I only need to get 58% which is a 2:2 to get a first overall for my Masters, woop!  As well it's Rich's graduation on the 18th of this month, so it'll be lovely to be there celebrating his graduation even if I have to wait til next year for mine!
I'm off work until the weekend now and so far I've organised a shopping trip with my friend Lauren, a meal with my dad in Liverpool and another celebratory results meal with my mum and Roy.  As well Rich booked tickets for us to go to London on the 24th-31st to stay with his auntie, uncle and cousins... really looking forward to it!

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