Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Girl Crush: Rachel McAdams

Ever since I watched Mean Girls I just think Rachel McAdams is the most gorgeous actress, and in real life she has fab dress sense!  Maybe it's the lying in til noon and walking aimlessly around my house dressed like a homeless person, but I'm really feeling like it's time for a bit of an image overhaul!  I've always admired good ole' Rach's look, and as a pasty red head there isn't too many celebs who I can realistically take notes from fashion-wise (incidently I'm thinking of doing a post on this serious issue soon fellow bloggers!), so I'm going shopping on Thurs and I'm really gonna try and treat myself to some new clothes/makeup and do myself up a bit!  I think as well that I'm craving a bit of a night out, not so much for the tripping in stilt-like heels/having major cocktail-induced sensitive teeth/eating my way through a 1000000 cal takeout, (okay, little lie... I love that part!) but more just for the excuse of getting to wear false eyelashes, doing my hair nicely and having a bit of a boogie (minus the stilts).  
What do you think ladies, is it just me who thinks a girls night out is a bit torturous? I'd say give me a glass of rose and a movie night anyday, but I'd just be describing my past week!
Muchos love,
p.s just watched Falling Skies with my stepdad, one of the few things we both like in life and apart from that I think washing my hair was one of the most eventful things I did today!  Ooooh I did find out though that Rich's gran (who is an absolute babe) is treating us both to a spa day for our 21st birthdays' when we come down to London, how sweet is that?!  I'm booked in for a massage and a facial, and it's at Rowhill Grange Spa in Kent, can't wait!

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