Thursday, 12 July 2012

"Lucy in the skkyyy-yyy with diamonds..."

Now I'm afraid that this post has nothing to do with anyone named Lucy, and nor rather regretably, diamonds.  But I decided that with the undiminshing regularity that I go to Liverpool, writing Beatles tracks is a bit preferable to the title "Shopping Trip to Liverpool #4721", right?  Well I think so anyway!  So today me and my friend Lauren got the train in and did a spot of eating and rather a big spot of shopping, hope you like my new finds!

{The Sweet Box at Wok and Go is gorge, highly recommend!}
{Hairclips £3.50, Accessorize}
 {Top £6, Primark} 
{Shoes £8, Primark}
{Vest £3, Primark}
{Leggings £3, Primark}
I loved the back on this top, I'm a sucker for criss-cross straps! Plus in the half price sale you can't really complain ;)  
 {Top £6, New Look}

Now I think that this might be one of my first mid-life crisis moments.  I saw this top about a month ago in H&M and I was thinking it's a bit young for me and brushed it off.  Then like last week I was looking in my wardrobe and I was thinking, that top wasn't too young for me, it's just 95% of stuff I buy is for at least a 28 year old woman!  I figured I haven't got too many years before I'm genuinely too old for this stuff so I decided it buy it, put my hair in a top-knot and rock multicoloured teenage style! AND I was pretty glad I was hesitant about it because I managed to catch it in a half price sale, sweet! 

{Top £5, H&M}
Give me your thoughts ladies, more worried about being mutton dressed as lamb or dressing like your grandma like me?!
Muchos love,

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