Wednesday, 22 August 2012

In Durham...

After a 7 o'clock start and a LOT of travelling, I finally got here!  The day didn't get off to a bad start, I had a McDonalds breakfast with my mum, then I got the train to Manchester Picadilly where I saw Jade  Jones, the girl who won the gold medal in Taekwondo at the the Olympics!  She was still in her Team GB tracksuit and was carrying a big red duffle bag, wish I'd taken a picture!  
Then I had a Cafe Nero break while I waited for my train to Durham, and when I finally got there at 2 o'clock, there was Rich waiting for me in his brand new car :)  Now I'm going horse riding tomorrow with Richard's cousin, Friday is Rich's 21st and Sat-Mon we're going to his auntie's caravan so expect a MASSIVE photo overload for this week ladies, apologies in advance!
Until next time,

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