Friday, 17 August 2012

The Birthday Spesh...

Well, I think it's about time I gave you ladies a bit of an update!  My birthday was absolutely wonderful; I had the best time catching up with my family, sunning it up and eating a lot of barbeque food - it was exactly what I wanted!  After the weekend...
Monday I spent being incredibly hungover, then I had to go to a boxercise class I'd already agreed to - ABSOLUTE HELL!
Tuesday Rich went back home and I spent the day unpacking and generally sorting - it's his birthday on the 24th so I'm fretting a bit over what to get him!
Wed, Thur and today I've been working in the kitchens at the nursing home!  I'm not sure how many more times I'll be coming in now with Durham (I'm going to Durham btw on Wed folks!) and then on the 9th I'll be moving back to Sheffield!  Kitchens have been quite fun - I've been on my feet ALL day but I've only been working 10:30-6 so it's been alright. Seeing as I'll never be going to boxercise again I could probably do with the exercise!
Now it's friday night, I'm drinking a glass of wine and looking forward to my lovely weekend plans ahead!  I'll leave it to my next post to let you know what I've been up to, and in the meantime enjoy my birthday snaps and little memories of the weekend!
Muchos love,
{Obv new profile pic haha!}
 {Me and Rich before the four of us went out for our meal in Liverpool :)  I ended up going for cheesy garlic bread and pasta with a side of home-made chips, yum!}
{Me and my dad surfing it up!}

 {Me and my mum- this was on my actual birthday on the Saturday, where we had lots of pizza, burgers, sausages and booze outside - perfect day!}

 {Rich with my stepbrother Jack and my other stepbrother's stepchildren - hope you're keeping up! ;) }
{One of my birthday pressies off Rich - how sweet?  On the Saturday night we stayed up talking outside all sat around the fire burner}
{Loving Basil posing for the family portrait!} 
{When it got to night time (and we all eventually got out the hot tub!) we set off parrafin lanterns into the sky and lay out on the grass}

{My stepmum, Dad and Aunty all made this cake together,  I was so chuffed!}
{I don't have any pictures but we had an It's a Knockout race - gunge tanks and popping balloons included - the kids loved it!}

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