Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Our little weekend away...

Last 'weeksworthofpicturesinonego' post for a while, I promise!  Me and Rich had a fab time away at his auntie's caravan in Northumberland, there was lots of takeaways, XFactor watching, trips to the beach, drinking wine and we even fitting in a trip to a castle!  You'll have to excuse the blue anorak thing, don't think I took it off for the whole weekend!

On the way back from the caravan we went to the Metro Centre in Gateshead, did a little bit of shopping and watched Ted at the movies - it was really funny!  We only had our phones for internet at the caravan too so I've got a couple of posts in the pipeline, but at the mo' I'm still in my pj's at half 3, really need to wash my hair and I've got a train to catch to my dad's in an hour and a half, waaa!
Until next time,
ps.  Is there any suggestions anyone has for future posts? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
pps. Thanks to thelifeofemily-alice. for letting me know how I don't actually have a button for letting people follow my blog, I never really thought about it before!  I've added onto the right hand side a Join This Site button, which would be lovely if anyone wants to haha!

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