Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Superga Sale!

When I was in London I had a bit of free time so I was hopping from one blog to another (as you do when you go to London) and I came across one that I really liked: is a great fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog, and as a girl who appreciates a sale I can always do with a good heads up, so cheers Daisy for letting me onto these great finds!  I've been wanting a pair of  Superga pumps for a while now, so when I saw Daisy's post that they were in a half price sale (here) the first thing I did was go online and buy myself a pair!
{Superga 2750 Cotu Classic in Lilac Chiffon were £45 now £20}

All my shoes seem to fall to pieces after a couple of weeks so I need something with a heavy sole, I'm looking forward to seeing how these beauties hold out.  The thing I noticed was that in the picture they were a lot more purpley but in real life they're more of a pinkish shade which I was pretty happy about.  On their website you can see all the celebrities who wear Superga (I'm so easily pleased!) and Alexa Chung is their cover girl, her legs are enough to make anyone go out for a pair!  
Right, I'm off to drool at my new shoes :)

Until next time,

"With an extra strong, fully breathable pure cotton upper the timeless 2750 is a lightweight, simple canvas tennis shoe with vulcanised rubber sole. In production since 1911, this is a shoe you can genuinely dress up or dress down."

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