Monday, 20 August 2012

"There are places I'll remember, all my life though some have changed..."

This weekend I...
Sorted out Rich's presents
Had lunch out with my mum at costa
Had dinner out with my dad at La Tasca for a birthday treat :)
Watched 'Stranger than Fiction'
Ate fried chicken for supper and slept over at my dad's place
Watched a West Highland Terrier chase an Old English Bulldog
Spent all of Sunday afternoon painting up my bike with my cousins
Ate Fillet Mignon with a homemade creamy tomato sauce pasta that the kids learnt to cook
And shot beer cans with a cross bow!
All in all a very successful weekend, which is why I've just chilled today and sorted out one of rich's presents - I'm making him a scrapbook and it's VERY time consuming!  Tomorrow I really need to start packing for Durham, ugh.
Until then my dears!

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