Wednesday, 8 August 2012

"One thing I can tell you is you gotta be free..."

Beatles title can only mean one thing ladies... I've been shopping in Liverpool again!  Me and Lauren got the train in to get some last minute clothes/accessories in because it's my birthday at the weekend and I don't have enough clothes!  Now one of the (many) advantages to having two sets of parents is that instead of a birthDAY, it's more of a birthWEEKEND haha.  The plan is to go for a meal on Friday with my mum, Roy and Rich, on the Saturday (the proper day) have my stepbrothers and their girlfriends come over and have HOPEFULLY a nice bbq, then on the Sunday pop over to Liverpool where my dad and Julie are sorting out my birthday party: Hawaiian style!  Now a girl can only have so many emergency new outfit's in her wardrobe which is where today came in; I really needed an outfit for the Sunday that looked vaguely beachy. 

{Dress: £5 Topshop - think it was marked wrong, win!}
I was having a mooch in Topshop when I came across this little beauty and it was exactly what I wanted - something plain and timeless that I won't absolutely cringe at in ten years!  I wanted to pair it up with some gold and white accessories, and I'm still on the lookout for a nice necklace so I might have to have a look at stuff I already have, I couldn't find ANYTHING that I wanted.  
{Hair clip: £3.50 Claire's}
Trying to not look completely out of place with the Hawaiian theme haha - I'm wearing some black wedges and a black clutch with this outfit and I think when you do monochrome you have to inject a bit of colour in, so two birds with one stone I guess!
{Bracelet: £4 Miss Selfridge}
Not sure if I'll wear this on the Sunday but I thought it was really cute :)
{Bracelet: £6.50 Claire's}
{Eyelashes: £5.95 Miss Selfridge}
Has anyone tried these by any chance??  I've been wanting to give the Katy Perry ones a go for a while now so expect a review after the weekend!  Oooh as well, I didn't know but Miss Selfridge do 10% discount: 60p off my eyelashes? Don't mind if I do!

Now back to my strict Johnson's Holiday Skin tanning regime - ginger level paleness and white dresses do not a match make!
Muchos love,

ps. Forgot to say, I'll be turning 21! :)

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